5 Biggest Black Owned Hair Care Brands

5 Biggest Black Owned Hair Care Brands

You When shopping for hair products we all know the products and that brands that work best with our hair but what about the entrepreneurs behind the brand? We don't really take the time out to know the person and their purpose behind their brand. Natural hair is a revolution and has secured its place on the shelves of Sally Beauty, Target, Wal-Mart and Sephora alike as more people find new ways to make embracing the natural, more easily.


Here a list of the 5 Biggest Hair Care Brands in 2019 there not in a specific order



 Design Essentials was founded by Cornell McBride in 1990 he is a pioneer in the black hair care industry. Developed a product that actually soften natural black hair. One of the many products that's good for curly and transitioning hair. If your looking for products to make your hair to look and feel healthier while satisfying all your hair needs. 


Miss Jessie's was founded by two sisters Titi and Miko Branch in 1997. Miss Jessie who was the grandmother of Titi and Miko, was a proud southern matriarch. The two sisters had the hair care line game on lock with their curly hair product from their salon. Known for their expertise in styling curly, kinky and wavy hair of all types.


Kinky Curly was founded by Shelley Davis in 2003, their products are formulated to add moisture and give hold to your hair without drying it out. Her products also give beautiful results that not only look good but noursih the hair as well.


Camille Rose was founded by a mother of five and former therapist Janell Stephens. In 2010 she became horrified at the list of ingredients in skin and hair care products for her children in result she started her company.


Mielle Organics was founded by Monique Rodriquez in 2014 their ingredients include unique blend of herb, amino acids and minerals to support healthy hair. She believe that healthier ingredients lead to healthy skin and hair. Her hair struggle, like so many of us came from the lack of available products on the market for restoring her healthy curls after heat damage from straightening.


Which brand do you use on your hair? Please leave in the comment below which brand is your favorite, your favorite product from that brand and why do you love that product. Sign up for newsletters to keep updated!

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