Fresh Wig Drying Unit

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  • Dry your wig quick and easy from the INSIDE OUT . The Fresh Wig Drying Unit allows you to simply wash, dry and style your wig in the comfort of your own home. You no longer will you need to have wigs drying for days at a time hanging in the bathroom or near fans waiting for it to dry. 
  • Fits onto universal wig clamps (not included) 
  •  COLD AIR circulates through the Fresh Wig Drying Unit drying the wig net, roots and length of the wig in a fraction of the time (usually 10-15 minutes depends on length of the wig). Air flows through the Fresh Wigs Drying Unit and circulates allowing the wig net to dry thoroughly and stop the net staying damp causing bad odours, a common problem when washing wigs.