What Causes Knots On Your Ends? 8 Tips to Help Prevent Single Strand Knots

        A single strand knot can form when a curly hair strand grows out of the hair follicle and loops around itself or other hair strands, causing a knot. Tightly coiled hair types are most prone to single strand knot.
If you have a lot of single strand knots you can either trim them off, or just deal
with them. Its best if you cut them off the knots can easily catch on each other causing more tangles and breakage. Don't yank them! If you trim them off, use sharp hair scissors. Dull household scissors will damage your ends.
Some individuals are more prone than others to single strand knots, depending on curl pattern and how you style your hair. To take some precautions we have 8 tips to prevent single strand knots.
Heres a list of 8 tip on how to prevent single strand knots
 1. Avoid wash n go
When your hair dries in a loose, free state, it naturally shrinks up and gets tied in knots. You don't have to stop doing wash n go's completely, but if you frequently get single strand knots, do this style less often
2. Seal ends with an oil or butter
This will tame the curliness of your ends and slippery, making them less likely to get caught in knots. We recommend Scandalous Hair & Body butter or  Anti- itch growth oil.
3. Stretch your ends 
Using rollers or your preferred stretching method to prevent your ends from
coiling into knots.
4. Protect hair in buns, braids, or twists
This will hold your ends in place and keep them from getting tied up in knots 
5. You can catch knots before they tighten by detangling your hair more often.
Detangle thoroughly but gently, with a wide tooth comb (other combs can tighten existing knots and make them harder to detangle).
6.Braid or twist your hair up before bed
Avoid leaving your loose while you're sleeping. Friction with you pillowcase and other hairs often leads to single strand knots. You can also invest in satin pillowcases.
7. Protect your hair in certain conditions using scarves, hats, or protective styles.
Humidity and heat open the hair cuticle, making more rough and prone to snagging. Wing also causes your hair strands to move around more freely, encouraging knots as well.
8. Keep your natural hair in its healthiest state by conditioning your hair regularly.
Healthy hair is softer, more moisturized, less prone to tangles, and less prone to single strand knots!
Comment some tips you may have and be sure to share with your natural hair friends. Spread the word and save a strand. 




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